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BeOnMe gift sets contain unique organic cosmetics, effective and fun, and they are the perfect gift idea for every skin type… and for every budget! Also the clean and modern design of the box, enhanced by the soft touch effect, will make it a greatly appreciated gift.
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Ser amantes de la naturaleza para nosotros significa actuar con paso ligero. Reducir el impacto de nuestras acciones en los ecosistemas naturales es nuestro objetivo concreto y alcanzable. Creemos que nuestras elecciones diarias como personas, ciudadanos, consumidores marcan la diferencia. Elegir cambiar el mundo es nuestra única forma de sacar lo que es posible. Quizás sea una visión utópica de la realidad pero nos gusta soñar.
Organic certified
Our formulas boast up to 70% organic ingredients and are certified by Ecocert and Cosmos, which standards are among the strictest in the world.

This not only guarantees that the organic ingredients come from authentic organic crops, but also certifies the production chain and ensures that the cosmetics’ development takes place while respecting the environment and human health.

Because we don’t want our beauty compromising that of nature and for you to be able to verify that with the utmost transparency.
Progetto solidale
We not only care about the environmental impact of our company, we also care about the social one.

We believe that beauty is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of ethics, and that beauty can be built together every day with concrete actions. That’s why every year we donate a percentage of corporate profits in favor of social initiatives, like those of the Alice for Children association.

Because we put our hearts in everything that we do.