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Una especial mascarilla contorno de ojos y labios con ingredientes naturales antiedad para reducir arrugas y bolsas.

The smoothing, refreshing texture envelops the delicate eye and lip areas, releasing the powers of a rich pool of active ingredients. It contains a precious vine sap prebiotic, the result of the most recent research on the skin microbiome, to nourish and rebalance the ecosystem of the good microorganisms that inhabit it, thus improving hydration, elasticity and nourishment levels. An essential ally for healthier and more resistant skin!

It offers a filler, lifting and botox-like effect, thanks to REPULPAMI ER*, a high-tech active ingredient with proven efficacy, based on purified baobab and hibiscus extract that helps to strengthen the epidermal layer and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines.

This eye lip mask also features Anti-Ox Active Blend, an ensemble with antioxidant effects that combines the properties of four super oils:

  • The fatty acids of babassu oil to promote the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin;
  • The flavonoids of acai oil to protect it from external pollutants and inflammation;
  • The gamma-oryzanol of rice oil to counteract dryness;
  • The omega-6 fatty acids of maracuja oil to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and keep it hydrated.

Finally, Firm & Smooth Eye Lip Mask boasts the enhanced action of 8 additional active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, organic barley hydrosol, vitamin E, organic Karanja oil, organic jojoba oil, zinc oxide, and trehalose.

*REPULPAMI ER is a powerful active ingredient by Alban Muller, l'Expert du Naturel.

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Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines with a lifting, plumping and antioxidant effect.
Has a rebalancing, decongestant and repairing effect. Protects the skin and helps it regain its optimal well-being.
Erases the signs of tiredness and fatigue like a cold pack, and it’s perfect for your pre- or after-party!
Repulpami ER*
A high-tech active ingredient, based on purified baobab and hibiscus extract which helps to strengthen the epidermal layer giving a filler and lifting effect, thanks to its firming, volumizing and plumping effect. The results are supported by in vivo tests. *REPULPAMI ER is a powerful active ingredient by Alban Muller, l'Expert du Naturel.
An essential nutrient that is able to better the skin's wellbeing. Rich in nutrients like mineral salts, amino acids, sugars, polyphenols and organic acids, it positively stimulates and nourishes the cellular microbiota, the "good" microorganisms that help to improve the barrier function of the skin and to hydrate, renew and rejuvenate it. A crucial ally for healthier and stronger skin, that is able to protect itself from the stress and external aggressions.
Hyaluronic acid with high and medium molecular weight, for enhanced effectiveness! The bigger ones remain on the surface, they hydrate the skin and create a barrier that prevents the moisture on it from evaporating. The smaller ones reach deeper layers. Their extraordinary hydrating properties keep the skin toned, firm and elastic!
Its molecules, like little magnets, attract and retain moisture, both external and the one naturally present on the skin, offering a soothing and extremely hydrating action. Also, they create a protective film that prevents the makeup from oxidizing!
Can be found in some plants and organisms that thanks to it can survive in difficult environmental conditions. Even on the skin, this sugar creates a film that envelopes the water molecules, capturing hydration and keeping it constant. At the same time, it protects from the most common pollutants and helps the skin to slow down the aging process.
A great natural antioxidant that helps to keep the youth and elasticity of the skin intact.
Anti-ox active blend
A mix of 4 plant-based oils with an antioxidant action that helps to keep the skin young and healthy. It helps to restore the lipid layer and strengthen the skin barrier, making the skin more resistant to external aggressions. The fatty acids of babassu oil promote the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin; acai oil flavonoids have antioxidant properties and provide the skin with protection from external pollutants and inflammation; the gamma-oryzanol of rice oil provides protection from free radicals and reduces skin dryness; omega 6 fatty acids of maracuja oil strengthen the structure of cell membranes creating a barrier effect that helps the skin stay hydrated.
Organic barley hydrosol
Offers the skin, especially if dry, irritated or reddened, a soothing action.
Organic jojoba oil
It has protective, nourishing, emollient and softening properties, thanks to the particular nature of the lipid constituents which allow greater penetration and prompt epidermal absorption on one hand, and high film-forming activity on the other.
Soothes irritated or reddened skin, creating a protective barrier. It also promotes the renewal of the lipid layer of the skin, hydrating and repairing it from external agents.
It has emollient, soothing and antioxidant properties, it helps to prevent the signs of aging and is often used in sunscreen products to protect the skin from sun damage.
Is it ok to feel a slight tingling around the lips?
Yes, it's the active ingredients that are working and stimulating microcirculation.
Is it suitable for all skin types?
Yes, it's suitable for all skin types.
When should I start using products to prevent the signs of aging?
It's always the right time to take care of your skin, compatibly with our own perception of our skin's and face's changes. Every skin has a different "rhythm", a unique way of evolving that's influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and the ability to react to stress and environmental factors. This serum is best for those who want to pamper their skin with a special treatment and preserve its youth treasure.
How many times a week can I use this mask?
Once or twice a week, or when needed.

Cosmético para uso externo, evitar el contacto directo con los ojos. Mantener lejos del alcance de los niños. 

Sugerencias de conservación

El plazo de utilización del producto después de su apertura se refiere al producto correctamente utilizado y conservado. Cualquier cambio en el color y/u olor no modifica las propiedades del producto ya que se debe a la presencia de sustancias de origen natural.
Para preservar sus características de efectividad y seguridad, te invitamos a tomar algunas simples medidas: no expongas los productos a la luz directa del sol y no los dejes cerca de fuentes de calor; después de utilizarlo, cierra el envase cuidadosamente; utiliza siempre los productos cosméticos con las manos limpias y procura evitar que entre agua en el envase.

Sensitive skin patch test ◦ Nickel tested <1PPM

COSMOS ORGANIC standard mainly imposes that at least 95% of the physically processed agro-ingredients (PPAI) must be organic and at least 20% of the total product. More detailed info are available on the Chapter 7 of the standard at