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Crema facial antiedad con tecnologías naturales que reducen la visibilidad de las arrugas. Textura como de seda.

It contains a precious vine sap prebiotic, the result of the most recent research on the skin microbiome, to nourish and rebalance the ecosystem of the good microorganisms that inhabit it, thus improving hydration, elasticity and nourishment levels. An essential ally for healthier and more resistant skin!

It also boasts the combined action of two potent ingredients: 

  • GATULINE® EXPRESSION*, based on Acmella oleracea, which helps to attenuate cellular aging processes and offers a lifting effect on expression lines;
  • DERMAGENIST®, a revitalizing technology obtained from oregano leaves, capable of awakening the skin’s youth potential. This special active ingredient gives the fibroblasts energy, protecting them from epigenetic mutations that slow down their activity, and stimulating them to produce collagen and elastin again.

A melting blend that leaves the skin with a silky and protective finish, thanks to organic shea butter, organic Abyssinian oil and macadamia oil, and Tahiti Moon Oil based on coconut oil and flowers of the Polynesian tradition.

Lastly, it contains organic iris rhizome hydrosol, organic barley hydrosol, vitamin E and trehalose. A complete pool of active ingredients for a revitalized look and nourished, soft and elastic skin!

*GATULINE® EXPRESSION is a powerful active ingredient by Gattefossé.

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Awakens and enhances the skin’s natural beauty, revealing its glow and freshness.
The softly pink, lightweight and silky texture melts into the skin, leaving it smooth.
Minimizes the signs of aging, giving the skin a more youthful, supple and firmer look.
An essential nutrient that is able to better the skin's wellbeing. Rich in nutrients like mineral salts, amino acids, sugars, polyphenols and organic acids, it positively stimulates and nourishes the cellular microbiota, the "good" microorganisms that help to improve the barrier function of the skin and to hydrate, renew and rejuvenate it. A crucial ally for healthier and stronger skin, that is able to protect itself from stress and external aggressions.
A waterfall of Tiare flowers from Tahiti immersed in coconut oil, refined for 12 days according to the ancient enfleurage and later enriched with a sublime mix of traditional Polynesian flowers, including lotus, frangipani, hibiscus, kau pe and ylang ylang! A blaze of oils and petals to envelop the fragile tissues around the eyes in a filler effect balm, rich in plumping and texturizing properties.
Can be found in some plants and organisms that thanks to it can survive in difficult environmental conditions. Even on the skin, this sugar creates a film that envelopes the water molecules, capturing hydration and keeping it constant. At the same time, it protects from the most common pollutants and helps the skin to slow down the aging process.
A great natural antioxidant that helps to keep the youth and elasticity of the skin intact.
This is a revitalizing technology, obtained from oregano leaves, capable of awakening the skin’s youth potential. It gives the fibroblasts energy, protecting them from epigenetic mutations that slow their activity, and stimulating them to produce collagen and elastin again for more supple and toned skin.
A potent active ingredient extracted from Acmella oleracea, a tropical plant. Offers a lifting effect on expression lines and helps to attenuate the cellular aging processes, leaving the skin soft and radiant. *GATULINE®EXPRESSION is a powerful active ingredient by Gattefossé.
Organic iris rhizome hydrosol
It strengthens the skin’s defenses and promotes the maintenance of hydrolipidic balance by regulating the production of sebum, which decompensation can cause the appearance of various impurities, like comedones or blackheads.
Organic barley hydrosol
Offers the skin, especially if dry, irritated or reddened, a soothing action.
Organic shea butter
Rich in vitamins A, B, E, F, it is known for its healing, emollient, elasticizing, hydrating, antioxidant, soothing, filming and protective properties. It has good sunscreen properties, prevents free radicals and the premature appearance of wrinkles.
Abyssinian Oil
Nourishes and softens the skin, thanks to its high content of omega 6, 9, tocopherols and phytosterols, and reduces water loss through the skin. It has a unique molecular structure made of long chains of fatty acids that make it very resistant to oxidation. It creates a silky film over the skin, protecting it and keeping it elastic.
Organic macadamia oil
It contains triglycerides of fatty acids and has nourishing, emollient, renewing properties. It is very similar in composition to the skin and is easily absorbed.
When should I start using products to prevent the signs of aging?
It's always the right time to take care of your skin, compatibly with our own perception of our skin's and face's changes. Every skin has a different "rhythm", a unique way of evolving that's influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and the ability to react to stress and environmental factors. This serum is best for those who want to pamper their skin with a special treatment and preserve its youth treasure.
Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, it’s delicate, doesn’t contain alcohol or aggressive ingredients. Its pink color and the fragrance are natural, approved by the rigorous standards of Cosmos EcocertⓇ Organic. However, sensitivity remains a very subjective factor.
Is it also suitable for men?
Yes, it’s suitable for all skin types.
Does the pink color of the texture remain visible on the skin?
No, the color is very delicate and it disappears without leaving any residue.
Does it have a sun protection factor?
No, it doesn’t have an SPF factor.

Cosmético para uso externo, evitar el contacto directo con los ojos. Mantener lejos del alcance de los niños.

Sugerencias de conservación

El plazo de utilización del producto después de su apertura se refiere al producto correctamente utilizado y conservado. Cualquier cambio en el color y/u olor no modifica las propiedades del producto ya que se debe a la presencia de sustancias de origen natural.
Para preservar sus características de efectividad y seguridad, te invitamos a tomar algunas simples medidas: no expongas los productos a la luz directa del sol y no los dejes cerca de fuentes de calor; después de utilizarlo, cierra el envase cuidadosamente; utiliza siempre los productos cosméticos con las manos limpias y procura evitar que entre agua en el envase.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin ◦ Nickel tested <1PPM

COSMOS ORGANIC standard mainly imposes that at least 95% of the physically processed agro-ingredients (PPAI) must be organic and at least 20% of the total product. More detailed info are available on the Chapter 7 of the standard at