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Active ingredient

This active ingredient is made up of vine sap from the hills of Emilia-Romagna, rich in nutrients such as mineral salts, amino acids, sugars, polyphenols and organic acids that stimulate the cellular microbiota, that is the set of "good" microorganisms present in our organism, that help it perform its functions. Recent scientific and technological progress has made it possible to develop a better knowledge of the human microbiota in different body areas such as the skin, through accurate mapping of the microbiome (gene expression of the microbiota). The presence of a diverse and balanced microbiota is usually associated with healthier skin, while the imbalance and destruction of skin’s microbiological populations can be associated with pathological issues. In vivo tests have shown that this vine sap can positively modulate the skin’s microbiota, increasing the vitality of all "good" microorganisms present in our body which contribute to improving the barrier function of the skin and to hydrate, renew and rejuvenate the skin, while also decreasing the vitality of the "bad" microorganisms responsible for potential threats to the health of the skin. So this great cellular nourishment for the plant is also a precious ally to nourish our skin cells and its microbiota. In order to effectively transfer the vine sap to the skin without altering its properties or diluting it, these precious “tears” are contained in plant-based liposomal systems. This active ingredient is, therefore, an essential nutrient capable of improving the skin’s condition by increasing hydration (+10,3% in vivo test), elasticity (+19,7% in vivo test), and nourishment (in vitro tested) and repairing the damage caused by aging. It also can repair severely damaged hair (-27,6% ex vivo test) increasing elasticity (+13,7% ex vivo test) and delaying the breakage.