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Driven by sincere passion

We don’t expect to save the world by choosing to use only natural, organic raw materials, but we want to do our part alongside all those who have chosen this path and all those who make the effort every day to live a healthy, ethical, and responsible style of living.

We are driven to do this by our sincerest passions, passions which guide us each and every day. We love nature and wholesome food; we love animals and life in the great outdoors; we love travel, art, and every expression of our most human emotions, seeking our own happiness and often finding it in the smallest of things.

BeOnMe arose out of a desire to create and a creative instinct that came from our quest to provide people with the pure, natural and organic cosmetics they need and want—cosmetics that are free from synthetics, allergens, and components of animal origin.

Having experienced it ourselves, we know how difficult—or even impossible—it can be at times to identify the causes of certain reactions and to correct their physical consequences, which can be a source of stress and ongoing discomfort.

Our skin is one of nature’s most efficient protectants. Nonetheless, under certain conditions the substances that come into contact with our skin can be easily absorbed, transferred into the bloodstream and become, as they slowly accumulate, intoxicants for our bodies.

There are currently over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in the marketplace, and only about 2% of these have been studied in depth and classified based on their toxicity.