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The vegan lifestyle

On March 11, 2013, the European Union banned all testing of cosmetics on animals. Not only is it prohibited to test cosmetics and their ingredients on animals on European soil, it is also prohibited to import cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on animals outside of Europe.

At BeOnMe, though, we have decided to pursue a global cruelty-free approach, not just within Europe, so we will also not export products to countries where the testing of cosmetics on animals is mandatory.

Our decision to solely develop vegan cosmetics comes out of a radical opposition to animal exploitation, a phenomenon which has begun to reach truly unacceptable levels.

In order to develop our products, we select our raw materials with great rigor in order to avoid ingredients of animal origin and those that are the result of the exploitation of animals.

In line with this choice, we have also adopted more modern in vitro approaches to testing aspects such as eye and skin irritability in place of less expensive techniques based on the use of fertilized eggs (e.g. the HET-CAM Test).

All of our product lines are comprised exclusively and uncompromisingly of vegan cosmetics.