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Water purity

We rate the water we use based on the following three aspects:

Hardness: We use a mountain spring water that comes directly from the source at a hardness rating of 80 ppm and with a conductivity in the range of 70-100 µS/cm. It is essentially naturally purified water, and another of its benefits is that it is pH neutral.

Microbiological safety: Our water is treated with a very modest amount of chlorine and follows a short pathway to our production facilities. Here, it is filtered and micro-filtered at a final porosity of 0.22 microns in a stainless-steel, closed circuit without risk of being exposed to contagions. The water we use in production is microbiologically controlled without the addition of preservatives or chemicals.

Purity: This is a crucial aspect given that cosmetics are typically rich in water. For this reason, despite being a highly pure mountain spring water, we constantly monitor our water for its content of heavy metals (nickel, lead, chromium, and others), residual pesticides, residual industrial waste, or fertilizers.

All of this makes the products made with this water very safe and well tolerated by your skin.